Demon Hunter

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The Demon Hunter is one of 6 playable classes in Diablo Immortal.


Demon Hunter wielding two weapons
Demnon Hunter wielding two weapons.

"Relentless vigilantes that assault from afar, Demon Hunters are trained slayers with a tragic past—their families destroyed by the denizens of the Burning Hells. Tempering the discipline of their training with their hatred for the Burning Hells, Demon Hunters strike undeterred until their prey is at their mercy."[1]

A master of agility, the Demon Hunter class is one that can annihilate enemies from range or from up close, and one which does not fear getting into a brawl.


The Demon Hunter has access to the following abilities.

Icon Name Description
DemonHunter-rain-of-vengeance.png Rain of Vengeance Showers an area with arrows from the sky for several seconds, dealing continuous damage.
DemonHunter-daring-swing.png Daring Swing Swing on a rope to a nearby location, damaging enemies on the way while they cannot attack you.
DemonHunter-knockback-shot.png Knockback Shot Fires a magical bolt of energy that deals damage and knocks back enemies.