Imprisoned Fist

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Imprisoned Fist

Imprisoned Fist.jpg

Category: Control

Unlocks at: Level 41

Max Rank: 1 (4 with Charms)

Cooldown: 12 Sec

Description: Attack enemies in a direction for X damage and Immobilize them for 5 seconds.

Legendary Inscriptions:

  • Freedom's Gale (Shoulders) - Skyward Fist Inscription: Imprisoned Fist now knocks surrounding enemies into the air and Stuns them, but no longer Immobilizes.
  • Imprisoned Fist Thunderbolt Item Name - Thunderbolt Inscription: Imprisoned Fist now causes you to leap through the air with electricity, damaging and Immobilizing nearby enemies where you land.
  • Imprisoned First Maximum Charges Item Name - Unnamed Inscription: Imprisoned Fist maximum charges increased by 1.