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08. Sentry.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 29

Max Rank: 4 (7 with Charms)

Cooldown: 18 Sec

Description: Summon a turret for 30 seconds that fires at nearby enemies for X damage per shot. You may have up to 2 sentries at one time. Maximum 2 charges.

Legendary Inscriptions

  • Ysil's Contained Destruction (Head) - Mortar Inscription: Sentry now fires mortars that explode to damage all enemies in an area.
  • Frozen Guardian's Sight (Head) - Ice Sentry: Sentry becomes empowered with frost, damaging and Chilling enemies.
  • Vigilance (Main Hand) - Unnamed Inscription: Sentry also launches a rocket every 2 attacks, dealing an additional X damage.
  • Watcher's Salvation (Main Hand) - Unnamed Inscription: Sentry maximum number active increased by 1.
  • Nightwarden's Eye (Off-Hand) - Sentry damage increased by 10%.