Seven-Sided Strike

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Seven-Sided Strike

Seven-Sided Strike.jpg

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 8

Max Rank: 10 (13 with Charms)

Cooldown: 12 Sec

Description: Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, striking 7 times for X damage each time. Additional hits on the same target deal only 50% of normal damage.

Legendary Inscriptions:

  • Dragon's Indignation (Main Hand) - Incinerate Inscription: Seven-Sided Strike turns to Fire, with additional Burning effect.
  • Spirit's Reach (Main Hand) - Seven-Spirit Strike Inscription: Seven-Sided Strike now places a runic circle inside which all enemies will be struck by your spirit allies for X damage over 4 seconds.
  • Breath of Incense (Chest) - Unnamed Inscription: Seven-Sided Strike now triggers Exploding Palm's explosion when it kills Bleeding enemies.
  • Disciplines Weight (Shoulders) - Unnamed Inscription: Seven-Sided Strike damage increased by 10%.