Shield of Zen

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Shield of Zen

Shield of Zen.jpg

Category: Buff

Unlocks at: Level 18

Max Rank: 7 (10 with Charms)

Cooldown: 12 Sec

Description: Protect yourself or an ally with a shield absorbing X damage for 5 seconds. This shield also prevents all effects which cause loss of control of your character. Protecting an ally will cause you to charge to their location and grant you both this Shield.

Legendary Inscriptions:

  • Purity's Thought (Head) - Unnamed Inscription: Shield of Zen now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
  • Intervening Law (Main Hand) - Sick Care Inscription: Shield of Zen now charges to a designated spot, granting you a Shield of Zen and nearby allies a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Fires of Peace (Main Hand) - Unwelcome Disturbance: Shield of Zen doesn't shield you anymore but periodically deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Shield of Zen Movement Item Name - Unnamed Inscription: During Shield of Zen you can move unhindered through enemies.