Spinning Chakram

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Spinning Chakram

10. Spinning Chakram.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 41

Max Rank: 1 (4 with Charms)

Cooldown: 8 Sec

Description: Launch a spinning Chakram that deals X damage to all enemies in its path, and then deals X damage on its return path. Catching the Chakram on its return path will reset its cooldown, but no more than 3 times every 12 seconds.

Legendary Inscriptions

  • Shadowstalker's Spaulders (Shoulders) - Unnamed Inscription: Spinning Chakram maximum charges increased by 1.
  • Shredder Vane (Off-Hand) - Orbital Inscription: Chakram now orbits your location for several seconds.
  • Slayer's Breeches (Legs) - Unnamed Inscription: Enemies hit by Chakram will suffer 4% additional damage if hit again by Chakram within a short time, stacking up to 5 times.