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10. Sprint.png

Category: Buff

Unlocks at: Level 18

Max Rank: 7 (10 with Charms)

Cooldown: 8 Sec

Description: Increase your movement speed by 50% for 4.5 seconds. While active, you may move unhindered through enemies and you are immune to movement impairing effects.

Legendary Inscriptions

  • Juggernaut's Plan (Legs) - Gangway Inscription: Sprint now causes you to run continuously, knocking away and damaging enemies in your path.
  • Sprint Tornadoes Item Name: - Unnamed Inscription: Sprint also leaves tornadoes in your path that deal X damage to any enemies they strike.
  • Broken Grasp (Shoulders) - Unnamed Inscription: Sprint also increases your dodge chance by 20%.
  • Second Breath (Head) - Unnamed Inscription: Sprint duration increased by 30%.