Demon Hunter

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The Demon Hunter is one of 6 playable classes in Diablo Immortal.


Demon Hunter wielding two weapons
Demon Hunter wielding two weapons.

"Relentless vigilantes that assault from afar, Demon Hunters are trained slayers with a tragic past—their families destroyed by the denizens of the Burning Hells. Tempering the discipline of their training with their hatred for the Burning Hells, Demon Hunters strike undeterred until their prey is at their mercy."[1]

Demon Hunters are the unrelenting masters of the crossbow and arrow, weaving a dexterous and deadly dance through the battlefield while piercing their enemies into submission. Demon Hunters alternate between precise, rupturing shots and massive, inescapable volleys, employing edge-of-the-knife survival of a shroud of vanishing vapors and daredevil vaulting swings over the battlefield, biding their time to unleash a vengeful, overpowering barrage.

Primary Attributes

Diablo Immortal has 5 Primary Attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Vitality, and Willpower. Every stat point gained in any of these attributes will increase your Offense and Defense Rating, so your character will always increase in power. The benefits of said attributes differ from class to class, and different attributes will be more desirable to chase depending on your chosen character.

These are the Primary Attributes and their effects, ranked based on attractiveness to the Demon Hunter class:

  • Strength - This attribute increases the Demon Hunter's damage and is of utmost importance across all of your gear.
  • Fortitude - This attribute increases the Armor and Armor Penetration Secondary Attributes, which are vitally important in endgame progression, where you need to go through the enemies' defenses first to inflict damage.
  • Vitality - This attribute increases your life points, which is your most basic form of mitigation and staving off death. While it is never a useless stat to obtain, investing beyond the point of tanking basic damage is also unnecessary, as Diablo Immortal lacks a Hardcore mode and cannot threaten you with permanent character loss.
  • Willpower - This attribute increases the Potency and Resistance Secondary Attributes, which increase the duration of harmful effects you inflict on enemies and reduces their duration on yourself, respectively. This attribute provides limited usefulness to the Demon Hunter class outside of surviving harmful status effects.
  • Intelligence - This attribute only provides the basic one point of Offense and Defense Rating to Demon Hunters, which other attributes also provide. Replace this attribute as soon as you can.


All classes can slot 1 Primary Attack and 4 Active Skills. Skills are unlocked gradually as you level up, and are leveled up automatically along with your progression. Primary Attacks can be used at any time and gradually build up the resource necessary to unleash the Ultimate ability, while Active Skills vary between cooldown- and charge-based abilities.

Skills are modified through Legendary Inscriptions which can enhance their duration, charges, range, power, and even change the purpose of the skill entirely. The Demon Hunter has access to the following skills:

Crossbow Shot (Primary Attack)

01. Crossbow Shot.png

Category: Primary Attack

Unlocks at: Level 1

Max Rank: 11 (14 with Charms)

Cooldown: None

Description: Shoot an arrow for X to X damage while moving at reduced speed.

01-2. Volley.png

Ultimate: Volley - Enhance Crossbow Shot for 12 seconds, launching volleys of arrows and increasing your movement speed.

Explosive Arrow (Primary Attack)

02. Explosive Arrow.png

Category: Primary Attack

Unlocks at: Level 34

Max Rank: 4 (7 with Charms)

Cooldown: None

Description: Shoot an arrow that explodes on impact for X damage to the target and X to all nearby enemies.

02-2. Bola Shot.png

Ultimate: Bola Shot - Enhance Explosive Arrow for 12 seconds, replacing arrows with explosive bolas that deal more damage and knock away enemies.

Daring Swing

03. Daring Swing.png

Category: Dash

Unlocks at: Level 18

Max Rank: 7 (10 with Charms)

Cooldown: 10 Sec

Description: Use a rope to swing to a nearby location, dealing X damage to enemies on the way while they cannot attack you. Maximum 2 charges.

Knife Trap

05. Knife Trap.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 24

Max Rank: 6 (9 with Charms)

Cooldown: 12 Sec

Description: Place a Knife Trap that arms and becomes invisible after 1.4 seconds, and then explodes when an enemy approaches, shooting knives that deal X damage to all nearby enemies. You can have up to 3 traps at one time, but they cannot be placed to overlap each other. Maximum 3 charges.

Knockback Shot

04. Knockback Shot.png

Category: Control

Unlocks at: Level 1

Max Rank: 12 (15 with Charms)

Cooldown: 12 Sec

Description: Fire a bolt of shadowy energy that deals X damage and knocks enemies away. Enemies knocked into obstacles will be Stunned for 4 seconds.


06. Multishot.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 1

Max Rank without Charms: 11 (14 with Charms)

Cooldown: 9 Sec

Description: Fire a salvo of arrows, dealing X damage to all enemies in a direction. Maximum 3 charges.

Rain of Vengeance

07. Rain of Vengeance.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 2

Max Rank: 11 (14 with Charms)

Cooldown: 16 Sec

Description: Fire a massive volley of arrows into the air that rain down for several seconds, dealing X damage to all enemies in the area over 4 seconds.


08. Sentry.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 29

Max Rank: 4 (7 with Charms)

Cooldown: 18 Sec

Description: Summon a turret for 30 seconds that fires at nearby enemies for X damage per shot. You may have up to 2 sentries at one time. Maximum 2 charges.

Smoke Screen

09. Smoke Screen.png

Category: Buff

Unlocks at: Level 38

Max Rank: 1 (4 with Charms)

Cooldown: 11 Sec

Description: Create a cloud of thick smoke at your location, concealing you and nearby allied players for 2.5 seconds.

Spinning Chakram

10. Spinning Chakram.png

Category: Damage

Unlocks at: Level 41

Max Rank: 1 (4 with Charms)

Cooldown: 8 Sec

Description: Launch a spinning Chakram that deals X damage to all enemies in its path, and then deals X damage on its return path. Catching the Chakram on its return path will reset its cooldown, but no more than 3 times every 12 seconds.


11. Strafe.png

Category: Damage, Channel

Unlocks at: Level 8

Max Rank: 10 (13 with Charms)

Cooldown: 0.5 Sec

Description: Spin rapidly while moving at 70% reduced speed, shooting in all directions for X damage per hit. Using Strafe slowly consumes its energy, which recovers while Strafe is not in use.


12. Vengeance.png

Category: Buff

Unlocks at: Level 44

Max Rank: 1 (4 with Charms)

Cooldown: 20 Sec

Description: Active: Transform into the physical embodiment of Vengeance for 6 seconds, causing every Primary Attack to launch 2 additional shots for X damage each. Passive: Gain 3% increased movement speed for each nearby enemy, stacking up to 10 times.